Higgins is opening her personal company up to accepting commission work including paintings, pastels and design jobs.

Higgins Fine Art & Design

Lori & Billi-Girl in their Maui studio

Lori & & sister Sandi- Greece

Lori sculpting in Oregon foundry
Anthony Hopkins, wife Stella, Lori & Harte

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Lori Higgins, a self-taught artist, is a well-collected and established artist out of Maui, building repeat collectors and international clients for her oil paintings, drawings, limited editions and sculptures.

Through her world travels, varied occupations, challenges, and personal accomplishments, Higgins’ life reads like an inspiring adventure story. She pulls from those experiences and captures emotions, feelings, and the power of the female spirit. Through her subjects -whether angels, hula dancers, children, or Native Americans- she has a unique way of touching one’s very soul by moving the viewer past the subject matter and into a more spiritual realm.

Higgins’ started exploring her creative depths through oil painting when she found herself on Maui back in ‘98. Always motivated by challenges, she immersed herself in the clay medium and began sculpting back in early 2009.  After a couple of years  of learning through experimentation, she finished her first bronze sculpture “Spirit of Aloha” in life size, followed by re-sculpting the piece into small and medium sizes. As her sculptures are very complex and delicate, Higgins temporarily moved to Arizona in order to be closer to the bronze foundry she utilizes. Although her heart lies in Hawaii, her current high desert surroundings have inspired a Southwestern line of imagery.

For over a decade now, Higgins has been showing in the Maui gallery she previously owned, and has just begun exhibiting at various fine art shows on the mainland. Since parting with the business end of the art world, Lori now focuses her time strictly on her own artwork. Occasionally she accepts painting commissions, but is currently sculpting a portrait commission as a bronze bust. Lori Higgins handles both mediums so masterfully that they result in beautiful and touching, as well as sought after, works of fine art.